Apartments and Real Estates

We provide a solution to issues related to apartment and real estate transactions as well as to tenancy agreements.

We know that the purchases and sales of an apartment or a real estate are some of the most significant decisions of our life. Therefore, the issues occurring in them should always be introduced to an expert as quickly as possible to safeguard one’s rights.

Typical issues regarding apartment and real estate transactions are different types of moisture damages (i.e. damages caused by mould or microbes). Moisture damages can be a consequence of constructional defects or faulty design, insulation-based errors, neglected maintenance or simply a consequence of technical obsolescence of structures and materials. Other considerable issue group related to apartment and real estate transactions consists of financial defects. Financial defects (i.e. defects encumbering shares in housing company) usually realise only after the transaction in the form of raised property management charge.

With our extensive experience and strong expertise, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible solution regardless of their role in the transaction or agreement and the use of a realtor.  If any disputes arise, we will assist in the negotiations and, if necessary, in the courts or in arbitration. In every case we will primarily aim to reach an amicable solution, which is favorable for our client. Before taking any action, we always identify possible insurance coverage and assist in preparation of an insurance application.

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