Directing our operations

Our values ​​are reviewed, approved and internalized jointly by personnel. By adopting these values, we achieve our goal, which is the most effective solution for our customer. The best solution is reached when we consistently comply with priorities based on our company’s values.


In our customer relationships accessibility leads to realistic, proportionate and timely solutions. Realistic assessment of the situation prevents unnecessary legal actions. Accessibility means ability to face changes and unpredictable situations, as well as to provide new and diverse perspectives for solutions. In an open operating culture, timetables are agreed together and billing is transparent. This will ensure the trust required for good customer relationship.

Keeping Respect

Respecting our customer and our assignment is the basis for all of our actions. Success does not require unethical actions. This is reflected in the respect of all parties involved in an assignment, even when each party’s priority is always to safeguard the best interests of their own customer. In the same way, we value and respect people working for us, cooperation networks, contract parties and the surrounding society.

Global Approach

AKG is a local global operator. Our office is located in the center of the Finnish Innovation Center in Otaniemi, Espoo. However, our operations and assignments also heavily represent global approach with different standards and customer base. In our local operations, we are constantly observing international development and standards, but always simultaneously complying with the high values ​​of Finnish business ethics.


Customer Satisfaction

We provide our customers with solutions which are valuable and meet their expectations. To create a positive customer experience, we know our customers’ needs and their business. To maintain customer satisfaction, we educate and develop ourselves and listen what the customers have to say. The service we offer is of high quality and personal.

Motivated Personnel

In order to provide quality services, people responsible for them must be motivated by their own work. At AKG personnel feel that their work is meaningful and rewarding. Work is a natural part of life and life management. Good communality is a natural part of sharing and mental well-being.

People at AKG are inspirational and genuinely caring. We do meaningful work where everyone can develop, use their strengths and create their own good way to work. We encourage people to move and take care of their physical and mental well-being. Combining of work and day-to-day life is important to us.

Responsible Business

We are responsible operator in a global society. Our activities are governed by the guidelines of the Finnish Bar Association and both domestic and international laws, regulations and agreements, as well as recommendations and internal instructions. Responsible business means not only complying with rules, but also voluntary social responsibility.


The best solution achieved with our values and priorities.


AKG Attorneys-at-Law Ltd – Solution.

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